Helen Mitchell, Lothian & Borders Property Management

The CLA ensures that letting agents adhere to a code of conduct which promotes professional good practice. This can only be a selling point to both tenants and landlords alike.

James & Liz O’Brien, Let it B Lettings

We find it helpful to know that there is another body working on our behalf and keeping us updated with legislation.

Robert Primrose, Rentahome (Scotland) Ltd

It is very important to be seen by clients and tenants that they are dealing with an agent who belongs to an appropriate professional body.

ESPC Lettings (Edinburgh)

ESPC Lettings is proud to be a member of the Council of Letting Agents (CLA). The CLA is ideally positioned to represent the interests of letting agents throughout Scotland and enables us to work closely with landlords and tenants alike to raise standards in the Scottish rental market which we believe is vital for the industry.

ESPC Lettings

Mike Foote, Town and Gown

Town and Gown Property Letting feel the professional background that SAL/CLA offer give confidence to both our clients and tenants.


Mike Linn, LinnMac Property

SAL and the CLA provide an excellent source of support and information which we have found invaluable.

Caroline Swan, S&D Lettings

As a landlord and a letting agency we find SAL & CLA invaluable for keeping up to date with new and proposed regulation and for giving us a voice in the Scottish Government.

Ron Hastings, Borders Country Lets

As a professional letting agency it is important that we are seen to be governed by professional standards. In an increasingly rights aware society we need to keep in touch with the fast changing regulations and maintain the highest standards of compliance and effectiveness, to be seen to be acting fairly both to our paying clients the landlords and those who consider themselves clients the all important tenants.

Diarmid Mackenzie Smith, Rettie & Co

The letting industry needs a voice to ensure good practise is praised and poor practise is condemned - CLA is striving to do this.

Stewart Renton, McArthur Renton Letting Ltd

Being affiliated to a professional body adds strength and credibility to my business and helps promote my core values.

Colin Macmillan, Glasgow Property Letting Ltd

We joined the CLA to give our company more professional credibility in the marketplace and have been delighted with the response we have had from both landlords and tenants.

Nora Rojas-Sinclair , Martin & Co Kirkcaldy

CLA does a brilliant job of supporting people in the lettings industry.  It offers information, education & raises the industry’s standards.

Michael Annandale, moo-let.com

Being a member of CLA is invaluable and does not only allow us to keep up to date with all new legislation but we view CLA as our man/woman in our corner should we ever need one.

Susan Acktemel, Homes for Good (Scotland) CIC

Being a member of CLA allows me to keep up to speed with changes in the industry at a critical time, network and gain support from my peers and influence the way our industry operates.


Jack Ramsay, Westburn Services

I am a member as SAL membership adds credibility to my business along with support, training and guidance.

Harry Coates, Belvoir Lettings, Perth

I believe that the CLA is a body which has the ear of the Scottish Government, and will be at the forefront of promoting good practice among agents, it is difficult to think of a reason why an agent would not want to be seen to be a member.

Irene Callander, Novantie

Any help or assistance that is required is easy to access and the training available is fantastic.

Angela Watt, Watt Property Management

The CLA is an excellent forum, with a good grasp of the problems facing the private rented sector, lobbying on behalf of the industry for realistic and progressive change.

Eduardo Prato, Martin & Co Aberdeen

No matter how big or small a Scottish letting agency may be, we all benefit from the representation, training and support that the CLA brings to the industry.

Lyndsay Yuill, rentlocally.co.uk

We’ve been members of SAL for five years and now of course we’re part of the Council of Letting Agents wing. We like the support and training they give our staff. We also like the fact they lobby on our behalf for legislation changes.


Derek Andrews, Cunninghame Properties

Members should be encouraged to join such an organisation thereby ensuring that they are willing to comply with the code of conduct etc.

Therese O'Donovan, Gladstones

Membership of the CLA gives us access to valuable resources offered by SAL and excellent training from LAS. The CLA is the only membership organisation worth joining that truly represents agents in Scotland.

Duncan McDonald, Broughton Property Management

The CLA provides an informed and respected platform, well placed to represent the views of agents large and small and which is helping regain public trust.

Sarah Harley, Margaret Duffus Leasing

Keeping in touch with increasing industry changes, access to articles, forums and information.

Angela McAllister, KeyCentral Property Management

We joined SAL in order to affiliate ourselves with a professional body and are overwhelmed with the good advice, both legal & practical that we have received since joining.

Anne Duncan, Duncan McKenzie Property

SAL and the CLA has been an invaluable source of advice for my business throughout the years, and continues to do so in my next phase of growth.

James Moore, Cathedral City Estates Limited

Membership will demonstrate a commitment to adhere to the standards demanded by the CLA of its members. This in turn will give confidence to new and existing customers that they are dealing with a professional and forward thinking organisation.

Nicki Simmons, Lettsmore Property Agents

We joined SAL/CLA on the recommendation of another letting agent. They have been a fantastic support to us as a new letting agency and are always on hand to offer support and assistance. We would encourage all letting agents to join and use this service to support one another.

Alyson Caddis, The Property Box (Scotland) Ltd

We strive to keep landlords informed of new regulations and help make positive changes within the private rented sector.

Brian Jardine, Annan Properties

All letting agents should be members of a regulatory body of sorts. Being a member of CLA shows landlords and tenants that you are trying to do things right.

Alex Thompson, Lawson & Thompson Ltd

As a new business, the CLA has been instrumental in helping us in a number of ways - particularly the legal advice line for assisting us with our mandates and documentation.

Moira Devlin, Lowther Homes

Membership allows staff to attend courses and also keep the team updated with new legislations etc.

Shona Harrower, Colinton Lettings

Colinton Lettings have been members of the Council of Letting Agents since its inception and prior to that were long term letting agent members of the parent body Scottish Association of Landlords. The legal helpline and free training are very professionally delivered and the annual conference is always interesting & relevant as well as a useful forum for meeting potential new suppliers.

Susan Johnston, Martin & Co Dundee

I am a supporter of SAL for 14 years, and now of the CLA as they are the best organisation who represent landlords and agents to the government and to the Scottish Parliament.

Brian & Susan Napier, Napier Property Ltd

We became members in the hope that clients would see that we did want to live by the rules and also actively work in their best interests, be they landlord or tenant.

Stewart Sutherland, 9% Property Management

Being a member of the CLA has helped us to ensure we keep up to date with new industry legislation and has provided useful resources and training.

Chris Mackenzie ELPM (East Lothian Property Management Ltd)

Being a member shows that we care about this industry, its importance to be regarded as following best practice and providing an excellent service to our clients both landlords and tenants.

Jacqueline Malley, County Rentals

We have found membership of the CLA very useful to keep abreast of changes in legislation and the raising of standards within a much maligned industry.

Jan Borthwick Borders Property For Let Ltd

My company is a member of the CLA because we are keen to promote good practice and fair and honest dealings with landlords and tenants alike.

Derek MacIntosh, MacFlats

Being a member of the CLA has kept me up to date with the industry and has made me more aware of my own responsibilities on running a letting agency.

Kim Godwin, Martin & Co Cupar

We joined the CLA to demonstrate our desire to provide a professional service and represent our industry at the highest level.

Andy White, Penny Lane Homes Renfrew

I believe all agents should be registered and this will raise the standard of our industry and the CLA is just the first step on this ladder.

Colville Johnston, Personal Letting Ltd

SAL and the CLA have a clear balanced view of the profession and act as an excellent conduit between tenant ,landlord, agent and legislation.

Chris Minchin, CDM Lettings

The CLA works hard to act for members while providing a sound code of conduct to adhere to.