SAL urges Scottish Government to consider impact of policy proposals on landlords


In a letter to the media SAL has urged the Scottish Government to consider the impact of its policy proposals on landlords, rather than just taking into account the interests of tenants.

SAL chief executive John Blackwood writes: -


Dear Editor,

As an industry body representing Scotland’s landlords and agents, we are concerned that when it comes to the country’s private rented sector, the Scottish Government are increasingly seeing the issue only from one perspective, the very important issue of protecting tenants, without fully considering the implications of some of their proposals on landlords and letting agents.

In a recent poll commissioned by the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL), we saw that the Scottish electorate are keen to ensure that the private rented sector in Scotland is well functioning and accountable. As an industry body, SAL has found a lot of common ground with the Scottish Government, as well as housing charities as to how to ensure the PRS is as effective as possible.

However, we are urging the Scottish Government to consider all sides of the PRS in Scotland in order to encourage investment in the sector and not to be side-tracked on single, political, issues like rent control and tenancy reform, which have not been designed with the majority of PRS tenants in mind. Landlord and agent investment is critical to ensure a well-functioning sector with high standards and value for money for tenants in a sector where demand is expected to rise over the coming years.

There are almost 330,000 PRS tenants in Scotland and we want to work with the Scottish Government, the third sector and others to encourage investment in order to increase standards and value for money for tenants in order to meet this anticipated rise in demand.

We are working hard to drive rogue landlord and letting agents out of Scotland forever. It should also be remembered that a lot of people choose to rent rather than buy because of the flexibility it provides, something which is increasingly important in a jobs market which can require relocation on a regular basis.

Yours faithfully,

John Blackwood, Chief Executive, Scottish Association of Landlords

Hopetoun Gate
8b McDonald Road