SAL & CLA Parliamentary Briefing


On Tuesday 17 March SAL and the CLA gave a short parliamentary briefing to MSPs, their staff and researchers.


All MSPs were invited to attend the briefing and on the day seven were in attendance.
They were:
•    Sarah Boyak MSP, Labour, Member for Lothian
•    Jamie McGrigor MSP, Conservatives, Highlands and Islands
•    Lewis MacDonald MSP, Labour, Member for North East Scotland
•    Michael McMahon MSP, Labour, Uddingston and Bellshill
•    Ken McIntosh MSP, Labour, Member for Eastwood
•    Alison Johnstone MSP, Greens, Member for Lothian
•    Patrick Harvie MSP, Greens, Member for Glasgow

The key purpose of the event was to present to MSPs the key findings from the recent tenant’s and electrical safety surveys conducted by SAL and the CLA, with a view to demonstrating and raising awareness of the standards that SAL and CLA members adhere to.  By presenting this information, maintaining a commitment to future consultation with tenants, we hope to influence MSPs by showing them some of the realities facing the sector in the future.

The key findings were:
Tenant’s Survey:
•    80% of tenants said that they are “happy” with their current property
•    58% would recommend their landlord or letting agent to someone else
•    60% feel current rent is fair

Electrical Safety Survey:
•    99% of respondents consider the electrical safety or their rental properties to be important or very important

SAL chief executive John Blackwood gave a short presentation on the findings and highlighted the following priority areas for SAL and the CLA going forward as well as SAL’s position on the proposed new tenancy regime:

•    Safety inspections
•    Rent levels
•    Housing supply
•    Responsibilities of landlords and letting agents

This was followed by chairman of the CLA policy group, Amanda Wiewiorka presenting an overview of the functions and aims of the CLA, emphasising that both SAL and the CLA are keen to work in partnership with the Scottish Government and MSPs to represent and raise awareness of the importance of the sector.

After the presentations there was an opportunity for those in the room to ask questions. Key issues raised during this discussion were:
•    Rent levels
•    Housing supply
•    Managing evictions