PRS tenure reform consultation


The Scottish Government is consulting on proposals to reform the tenancy regime. The current consultation document proposes a complete reform of the current tenancy regime and as such is the most important consultation on landlord/tenant legislation in over 25 years.

If legislated on, the measures proposed will make fundamental changes to the tenancy system which will affect all landlords, letting agents and tenants in Scotland.

The Scottish Association of Landlords published a position paper in October, outlining our views on the proposals and those of both our landlord and our Council of Letting Agents members.

The position paper can be found via the link below:

Position paper

We encourage members to read the position paper and feed their own views into the consultation process by submitting your responses to the consultation questions. The deadline for responses is 28 December 2014.

The consultation paper and response form can be found on the Scottish Government website here.

The consultation responses sent in by the Council of Letting Agents and the Scottish Association of Landlords can be viewed via these links:

Council of Letting Agents (CLA) response

SAL landlord consultation response