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The CLA code of practice

Members of the SAL Council of Letting agents agree to abide by a code of practice. Download CLA code of practice as a PDF here or please email us if you would like us to send you a copy.

The Council of Letting Agents (CLA) is the largest professional body representing letting agents. It leads the industry in Scotland.

  1. Raising standards – Contribute towards raising standards within the private rented sector by adhering to the CLA code of practice and always acting fairly and in accordance with the law.
  2. Customer Service – Strive to provide the highest standards of customer service to the public, landlords and tenants in all aspects of residential property management.
  3. Legislation – Adhere to all regulations governing the residential rental sector in Scotland.
  4. Education – Ensure all landlords are aware of their legal obligations and kept updated of any changes or amendments in the law which impacts on their obligations.
  5. Training – As a member of the CLA, staff must be made aware and kept fully up to date with any changes in current legislation, with training being made available where necessary. Ensure staff are appropriately and adequately trained and monitored.
  6. Statement of Services – Provide a written contract to landlords which sets out, in a clear and transparent way, your terms and conditions.  Retain a signed copy from each landlord client.
  7. Financial – Ensure robust internal procedures are in place when dealing with landlord and tenant monies.  Ensure all relevant legal accounting obligations relating to running a business are followed.
  8. Audit – Ensure that all matters pertaining to the management of your business and properties are appropriately documented.  Make available to landlords, tenants and the public a clear complaints procedure which takes account of the CLA code of practice.
  9. Security - Procedures should be put in place to ensure appropriate duty of care towards the public, landlord, tenant, staff and contractors by putting in place measures to control the likely risks to their security and safety.
  10. Professionalism – CLA members should at all times ensure that they conduct their business in a professional manner and do not bring the letting industry into disrepute.

Complaints about any breaches of the code are accepted in accordance with the SAL complaints procedure. The SAL complaints procedure can be downloaded here.

The CLA code of practice

All existing letting agent members of SAL who hold our “Council of Letting Agents” membership level are being kept up to date with regular information about the CLA and its work. All letting agent members were invited in November to agree to the new code of practice and transfer over to CLA membership as of 16 December 2013. On that date, “Council of Letting Agents” membership ceases to exist and the new CLA membership is live.

All SAL members are always actively encouraged to contribute their views and experiences to inform our policy position.

Agents please get in touch with your views or ask questions via
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