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The voice of Scottish landlords and letting agents must be heard in the Westminster elections

Sign our e-petition

With polling day less than a week away the debate has already focussed heavily on private rented housing in England, but what about Scotland?

Housing policy is already devolved to the Scottish Parliament and many voters in Scotland might not be aware that the Scottish Government has already announced plans to introduce legislation this autumn.  This could include potentially removing the right of a landlord to end a lease when they choose, even after sufficient notice is given and impose rent caps on what landlords can charge, potentially restricting choice in the market.

With this debate set to run well into 2016, landlords and letting agents throughout Scotland need to join our campaign and make their voice heard.

That’s why the Scottish Association of Landlords and our Council of Letting Agents have launched an e-petition calling landlords to action.  Please click here to sign the e-petition today and send it on to anyone else you think will support our cause. Please also tweet and share via social media – the petition page has all the links for you to do this.

Sign our e-petition today, calling on the Scottish Government to listen to the concerns of private landlords.


John Blackwood
Chief Executive