Who we are

The CLA (Council of Letting Agents) represents Scotland’s leading letting agents. It is the largest professional association of its kind and is at the head of the lettings industry in Scotland.

The Council of Letting Agents (CLA) represents Scotland’s leading letting agents. It is the largest professional association of its kind and is at the head of the lettings industry in Scotland.

The CLA policy position is steered by the CLA policy group of five agent members, appointed in November 2014 for a one year term, all having been part of the initial one year CLA steering group which led the CLA development during 2013-14.

The CLA ‘voice’ thus represents the collective opinion of our member letting agents and we encourage all our members to feed in by email or phone. We are aware that at times the CLA position may differ to that of the landlord members of SAL and welcome this difference. Landlords and agents are in the same industry, so we believe working together as much as possible as equal parts of SAL, the leading trade body in the country, makes us all stronger.

Amanda Wiewiorka is the chair of the policy group and additionally represents letting agents via her position on the SAL board of directors.

Policy group members

Mike Campbell
Belvoir Lettings

Mike has owned and managed Belvoir Lettings in Falkirk since 2003 and has grown the business into one of the biggest letting agencies in central Scotland. Having recently acquired the business of Ryden Lettings, one of the oldest and most respected letting agent firms in Edinburgh, Mike is now also managing director of Belvoir Edinburgh.  During 2014, Mike received a hat trick of awards from Belvoir Property Management (UK). From amongst a network of over 150 outlets Mike was recognised as not only Belvoir’s Scottish Franchisee of the Year for 2014, but also for the UK as a whole and for his overall contribution to the Belvoir group. Mike sees one of the main roles of the CLA as being the  promotion of  the excellent practice delivered daily by our members to landlord and tenants alike. Mike has spent nearly 30 years  working in housing management in both public and private sectors and is a non executive director of Clyde Valley Property Services. Mike hopes to bring his wide range of  experience to the work of the CLA and whilst recognising that the pursuit of excellence can become the enemy of good, believes that driving up the standards of all letting agents is critical to improving the wider reputation of the industry.

Michael Foote
Town & Gown

Michael applied to join the CLA steering group as he has a very strong belief in the direction letting agencies should develop. As a member of SAL it was clear to him that the CLA was moving in exactly the direction of professional management that he felt was required whilst at the same time aiding not penalising small firms who need help to develop their professional knowledge.

Amanda Wiewiorka
Wardhaugh Property

Since acquiring Wardhaugh in 2009 Amanda has grown the business into one of the largest letting agents in Angus. During her first five years of business she has experienced dramatic growth and embarked on a steep learning curve, not only in understanding the sector but also the challenges of managing a growing business. Engaging with the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) and utilising the support and training offered was key to the early success of her business. Amanda remains active within SAL and has recently been appointed to the board of directors.

The CLA offers a crucial link that combines the expertise and industry knowledge of the Scottish Association Landlords with the strong business support and guidance that a letting agent requires to help its members sustain a successful commercial business. Amanda believes the CLA is the only member body that recognises the importance of not only industry but also commercial challenges of its members.

Duncan McDonald
Broughton Property Management

Duncan joined Broughton Property Management during 2002 since when he has helped it grow substantially and develop. Originally an engineer, his skill set, experience and knowledge of running structured companies with multiple disciplines has proved transferable. From the outset Duncan understood the need to employ correct procedures throughout, including training and control of finances. It was evident to him in those early days that the letting agent business sector lacked the professionalism clients should have relied on, was open to abuse and with little control. Enforced licensing seemed an inevitability.

In joining the CLA steering group it offered a vehicle and opportunity to influence public perception of letting agents by creating the professional standards both client landlords and tenants alike should expect. Our group also recognises a step change in standards is neither desirable nor achievable but by the initial achievement of acceptable basic standards, for the future we can also raise the bar.